Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pushing on;;

It's true :)

I can not wait to see you and fall in love with you alllll over again!

Today was long. My days are always fast until the sun sets and then I have to force the time to go by, I always think about you 50000X more. I guess its just hard to lay in my bed all alone in a house that feels so empty. I gave everything back today, and IT SUCKED. :/ I have nothing left but memories to hold onto.

I miss you so much, it really does hurt. I don't know what to feel, I hope that you are still in love with me. I hope everything still wants to be worked out and that I am not alone in this. When this is all over, I want to be loved unconditionally and I hope I am not left behind. Time apart is scary. I feel loved, and I want it to continue! :)

I'll do anything for you. I love you to the the next universe and back!

and I promise that WON'T change <3

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