Monday, January 23, 2012

Give me strength;;

Today wasn't too bad. I actually slept in for the first time however I woke up and bawled my eyes out watching trailers to the movie the vow. I hope this year I have a valentine! I promise I would make it so fun!
I paced back and forth wishing you were at my door.

Doing things we used to do makes me sad but it's the closets thing I have right now, so tonight I made fried Oreos!!!!! They were delicious!!!! I wore AK brewing CO. Pants, they got a little dirty! Haha :)

Some days are harder but I think of you and you give me so much faith, please continue to love me and know that we will get through this because I am scared. I know exactly what I want but I'm up against a wall and I'm trying my hardest to let things take course and just believe that they will be alright. I miss your smile. Pictures just aren't the same! :/

God gave me you for a reason and I know we aren't done yet!

17 days left, almost 16!
395.5 hours left. :)

Craving your touch <3

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