Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a little bit lost.

Life would be so much easier if people could just automatically understand how you feel EXACTLY. especailly when words cant help you explain.

Everyone at some point wishes they could go back to a certain time in their life when things were so amazing and everything went well, it was "perfect".
yeaaa, one of those times for me. I chose that specific one because that is the last still moment in time we had when things were amazing. Its so crazy to me that one situation can change your life forever, but it happens. That is life. The world would be perfect if everyone could go back in time and change the mistakes they have made, but obviously we cant.

That still moment breaks my heart. I think its harder to deal with the fact that things are so bad when you know that they can be so great. It would be easy if things were just bad, you would kinda be like ok yea this sucks, but it happens. When you experience the good in something and then it turns bad, your attitude is now more along the lines of disappointment and frustration because you know the good in it.

Does time heal all wounds? it sucks that something that can heal you supposedly, is something that none of us on earth have a lot of. so is there a way to heal without using so much of something you dont even have?

i guess we'll see.

never over look a situation, its like lying to yourself.
and thats never good.

instead just face facts, it makes you a stronger person and then you can base your dreams around that. :)

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