Wednesday, May 13, 2015

life. . . and what it's really about;;

Many people try to figure this out, all the time. And of course naturally, you have SO many responses to the same question. . .


People will saying finding yourself; living; creating yourself; yada yaddddaaaa.
However, my biggest problem with all of these is that we aren't on this planet ALONE! Which is why the second he said it, I knew in my heart I was on the right track for myself.

He said, "It's about finding someone you want to share your life with."

Finally, at least someone who understands that I all want is someone to stand by me through every adventure we choose to take on.
Finally, the one person who we all thought would never commit to ANYTHING, has broken that mold.
Finally, I know my answer, now just to solve the one problem I still have, no takers.

You're out there somewhere, I know you are. In fact, you are probably reading this. Soon, I will write a post about how many adventures I have gone on with you, just know that finding you, was the greatest adventure I ever went on alone, however they will never compare to everything we are about to conquer together!! So until next time. . .

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