Monday, May 16, 2011


well it has been a couple months. oops, I guess I was just getting a little wrapped up in life. Volleyball off season was good and I am now offically done with my last off seasons ever! its crazy to think that.

School is going well for the most part, I cant believe its over in about three weeks and my junior year will be completed. It is crazy to think that this year went by so fast and next year I will be a senior in college. I cant even imagine how fast this next year is going to go by.

My plans for summer are to seriously take over the world. I have my first plane ticket set for home. I can not wait to get out of here and enjoy the sun!!!! my poor body has lacked vitamin D wayyyy to long :)

I was also offered the chance to go to Alaska. Just for the record, I reallllly want to go. I am so interested to see that lifestyle and learn about how you grew up. The only thing that holds me back is money, and is it too early to take trips home with you?! hmm, well I dont care, I still want to go.

I also have been on a 16 day streak haha. WOW. :)
If it continues tonight, it will be 17, but I think I will cut it tonight.
we'll see ;)

I am headed down to New Mexico this weeekend with the whole family :)
its John David's graduation! how exciting, I will also be seeing family that I havent seen in AGES!! I can not wait! <3

byeeeeee. <3 :)

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