Monday, January 3, 2011


YES. :)
We rang in the new year with a "2011" cookie. The babies loved making it and having a piece before bed. It was a nice pace of change for me, I liked it.
Well, my winter break was NOTHING short of AMAZING.
Reno and Quincy a bunch, San Francisco adventures I never thought I would have, and home to Las Vegas for Christmas with the family :) It was all heaven. I'm glad I got to see everyone and thank you guys for making it a BLAST!!!!! :)))
Man, I have to admit it was hard to come back here to Washington but you have to do what you have to do. School started today so time to get back in that groove. :/ :)
Some of my NYR are simple, but I would like to stick to them, because I do think its for the better.
1. Stay in good volleyball shape and work hard when I practice.
2. Move on from the things that I need to move on from, whatever they may be.
Everything happens for a reason and it really is true that what ever is meant to be, WILL.
3. Getting good grades because I know I am capable of getting them.
4. Be more confident. I have the raw tools, now show them proudly. :)
Until next time!
Happy New Years Everyone!

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