Wednesday, November 19, 2008

nice pace of change.

Alright this weekend was nice, we had a three day weekend. No practice monday, yes!!!
So me and a couple of friends decided to drive down to reno.
I am so very happy that I got to see Shannah, Maddy, Naomi, Betsie, and JD.
We had fun taking pictures at the park, hopefully those will be up soon.

Other than that, we took 2nd in our confrence for volleyball and we are about 7th or 8th in state right now. We are now working super hard all this week so we can win our first home playoff game next tuesday! We are playing Nappa. They are going down. We are only two games away from the state tournament.
Only bad news I have to share from this, is if we do so happen to win on tuesday, I will not be able to go home for Thanksgiving. That is one thing I do not think I am able to hanfdle right now.

Idk, hopefully things will be getting better as the rest of the month goes on, in other news, my maja bought my plane ticket, I will be back in Las Vegas December 17th-January 19th :]



The Inman Trio said...

Whoooo girl! IT was good to see you again! I miss you already. Give me your email addy and I will send you some pics from that day. I did learn something new about you... that you are a great jumper! Of course... you play volleyball! Are you going to teach me how to jump as high as you? ;)

Teah said...

Hey, nice to see your blog. I saw those pics on Shannah's facebook and you guys were so cute!!

Betsie Jones said...

I can tell you love me. In both of your posts you mention me!